Wait for it

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    Sitting on the veranda cooking up some burgers on the grill, I’m thinking “I should be doing something while I’m doing this”. After all, while I just sit here waiting for the grill to do its job, I could be being productive doing something! The hardest thing is to sit and wait. But sometimes we don’t have a choice. Like eight minutes on a side for burgers. We’ve got to wait. Waiting can be for bigger things too, like surgery recovery, or test results, or a phone call.

    I’m not good at waiting, but I may be getting better. I think it must take practice, and the older I get the more practice I get.

    The Bible talks about waiting. There’s waiting on God – prayer. Then there’s waiting for God – patience. And there’s waiting with God – power for living. We’re told that the farmer “waits for the former and latter rains”. That’s learning that God’s timing and purposes are right. Wait for it.

    All waiting takes time. It takes time to pray, communicating with God about “stuff”. Patience, by definition, takes time. But patience helps build faith as we discover new areas where God has heard, is aware, and cares. Finally, we can find power for living when we are confident in God’s presence with us. Jesus said, “I am with you to the end of the world.”

    That promise gained significance for me one summer when I worked in Thule, Greenland. “Thule” means “the end of the world”. God was present there too. His faithfulness reaches to the remotest places on earth, with or without human presence.

And with or without human presence, God is good. Very good.

    In the busy-ness of life we seldom take time to think about these things. We feel called to an active life, not a waiting life. But both are necessary. And it’s a good journey.

    I think the burgers are done.

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