Four creams, no sugar please

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I sat in the same place we had always sat those mornings when we would get together at a local restaurant over coffee. We would discuss various things about the church I was pastoring at the time. The same church would later choose him to be their pastor after I left, sensing I had finished my work there.

    But now he was gone. Done. Sitting there alone, that heavy word “Done” returned. Actually done! He had fought cancer for two years, but I had hoped and prayed for more years of ministry for him. But God said no to that. It may not seem so, but God’s plans are better. He is no less good when someone we know or love dies. Jesus’ promise in John 3:16 gives assurance, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    Still, it seems profound when that time comes that someone is actually declared “Done” and exits the scene. The world becomes a different place in their absence. And it seems that the whole world should acknowledge that. Yet the morning rush hour is the same. The wind still blows in the trees, and the rain makes the sidewalks wet and fills the puddles like nothing ever happened! No one seems to know the significance of the loss of the Done one.

    And we go on. The four-creams-no- sugar coffee is still there. The seats are still there (renovated now). The memories are still there. And God is still there. The faithful God, who in His love made a way through His Son whereby those who are Done can live forever. Someday you and I will also be Done. Those who have eternal life wait for those who are left behind until that day comes. May we be ready.

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