Same message

There are similarities between the first century cultural context of Christianity and today.

They discovered Easter’s peace child

Nothing seemed to work. That is, until the Richardsons made an amazing discovery…

Opening day

Wisps of fog hovering in the morning light rise over the calm lake. Silhouetted against the reflected brightening sky, expectant fishermen in their boats are up early on this first day of bass season. Southern New York is hilly and green, with an abundance of small lakes that hold huge bass promise. This particular Saturday morning presents excellent weather for success…

In the stars

Hours passed unnoticed. Lying back on the backyard brick steps, with my hands cupped behind my head, I studied the nighttime sky. Another solitary vigil searching for shooting stars. I was a young teen then, and while I spent many hours searching for some movement among the stars visible over Philadelphia, it wouldn’t be until a Grand Canyon camping trip that I would see my first meteors…

Image: Courtesy of Joe LeFevre, www.joelefevrephoto.com

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