Why Spiritual Compass Points?

These articles, each approximately 300 words in length, and therefore easy to read, have appeared in a local weekly newspaper, the Tri-City Record,  as the column “Spiritual Compass Points” for about ten years.  They have been generally well-received, hopefully providing a balance to the many other voices that demand our attention and which tend to desensitize us to spiritual aspects of our busy lives.

My desire is to share perspectives, perspectives about life generally and about  Jesus Christ specifically. I make no claim to inspiration. I too am a learner.

There are times when it’s best to say nothing. Now is not one of those times. The challenges we face require great discernment, clear thinking, and decisive commitment.  We need to see clearly.

How we see determines what we see and even whether we see at all. How well we see is determined by our willingness to see, and our willingness to see comes from who we are, which is a point on a dynamic journey from who we were to who we are becoming. Seeing is a voluntary process. No one can force someone else to see.

Now replace “see” with “understand”.

That’s why Spiritual Compass Points.

Because we are all unique we all see and understand differently. That means we must be humble enough to realize that others may see and understand things we may have missed. That’s OK.

Perhaps in Spiritual Compass Points you will find things you’ve missed. I have.


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