There must be another rainbow

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I had a lot of respect for Mr. Goldfarb. He was Science Department Head at George Washington High School in Philadelphia for many years, and he taught our Physics classes. He made Physics interesting and fun. We did conservation of momentum experiments, light table interference projections and other neat stuff. But the session that I remember best was the one on optics when we studied the rainbow. That was a watershed day for me. I made a discovery that would influence the rest of my life.

We were using the blackboard to illustrate how a rainbow is formed by a number of total internal reflections of sunlight within a water droplet. The prismatic effect enhances as the light finally exits, refracting at specific angles. The different colors, having been separated after internal reflections come out in specific order at slightly different angles. Get enough of these droplets together (rain), and the sun in the right place relative to where you stand, and you get a rainbow. OK. That makes sense.

But then it hit me! “Mr. Goldfarb, then there must be another rainbow made by a different number of total internal reflections?” “Yes, David, there are.” I was elated! As we further discussed the secondary and tertiary rainbows with the explanation of their reversed color orders, I was the happiest kid in that school that day. Why? Because I had learned firsthand that applying proven scientific principles opens the door to new discoveries. I had made a new personal discovery, and that was huge fun!

It’s also fun to make new personal spiritual discoveries by applying proven spiritual principles. God’s love and faithfulness, already learned, can build more faith for new experiences if properly applied. We can discover new spiritual rainbows when we choose to remember the beauty of God’s past sufficiency.

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