10,000-foot view, no deer

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In Michigan there are usually many ways to get from here to there. Our route to an airport for a skydiving adventure took us through a state game area. We were on constant lookout for deer. I hit one once and that was enough for me!  Running a tad behind schedule, I was pushing it a little. That made it even more interesting. We arrived and everything went well. We had a great afternoon and celebrated my wife’s skydiving success with lunch out and Sherman’s ice cream for dessert (I had stayed on the ground. I’m not that much of an adventurer.)

There were a few amusing skydiving bumper stickers displayed at the airport. One read, “Skydivers: Good To the Last Drop”. Considering our drive to the airport and the relative safety of skydiving vs. driving, I thought of another: “I Never Hit a Deer Skydiving”.

God gives us opportunity for adventure along the way, and we should be willing to accept the challenge. It may not be for skydiving (although it might be). It may be for stepping out instead to fulfill God’s purposes for us that take us in faith beyond where we’ve been so far. It could be that we are designed for whatever it is, and without going forward we will never discover God’s sufficiency in that area too.

What are we designed to do? Ephesians 2:10 states: “…we are His workman-ship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” (NASB) To walk is to step out, maybe out of our comfort zone, our “perfectly good airplane”.

But unless we are willing to skydive into our designed purposes, we may never experience that unobstructed 10,000-foot view of the world around us – the view that we could never otherwise see.

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